Killarney - Student Bulletin
Cafeteria Menu
Mon Entree: Perogies w/ sour cream & salad
Soup: Mushroom Soup
Tues Entree: Salisbury Steak w/ roast potatoes & veggies
Soup: Italian Wedding Soup
Wed Entree: Lemon Grass Chicken Curry w/ rice & veggies
Soup: Tomato Soup
ThursEntree: BBQ Chicken Skewers w/ rice & salad
Soup: Cream of Chicken
Fri Entree: Meatball sub w/ fries & salad
Soup: Wicked Thai Soup

Killarney Student Bulletin

Friday, January 20, 2017

R Moro - Principal (Gr. ELL Int)
J Hunter - VP (Gr. Gr. 12 LAC )
M Vulgaris - VP (Gr. Gr. 8 9 CP)
T Legg - VP (Gr. Gr. 10 11 LSP)
Grade 10 - Tracy Romano
Grade 11 - Raymond Moy
Grade 12 - Eliner Maxwell-Smith
Grade 8 - Stephanie Wong
Grade 9 - Oscar Goncalves
Grade ESL & International - Rod Tanbe (M,W,F)

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Gr. 12 Students
Schulich Leaders Scholarship - check out the criteria and information on the grad info board. Killarney is allowed to submit one nominee, if you would like to be considered, see Mrs. Maxwell-Smith asap. deadline to hand in the essay for nomination is Tuesday, Jan 24th (eliner Maxwell-Smith.)
Gr. 12 Students
SFU presentation will be held on Jan 24th at lunch in the Auditorium. Topics will be how to complete application checklist,self reporting, how to check application status, info on scholarship and financial aid,when to expect admission offer and the next step after an admissions offer. (eliner Maxwell-Smith.)
UBC's Engineers without borders youth conference- Sat. Feb. 4..
Engineers Without Boarders Youth Conference is on Sat., Feb.4 at UBC. THEME: Sustainability & discuss actions to encourage & spark positive societal change. Workshops range from water & agriculture to climate change & energy. Form more info: (Denise North.)
The following students will be attending the Model United Nations Conference January 20-22. (D. Chang) Click here for more information. (Pauline Wong.)
Rotation #3 starts Monday, January 23...
Reminder that Monday and Tuesday, January 23 and 24 are the first two days of Rotation #3. Classes will be as follows.... 2 1 4 3. (killarney office.)
Intramurals - Basketball
Intramural basketball games will be held every Wednesday at lunchtime in the main gym. (M Kokan.)
ALWAYS go to our social media sites for various information. Don't expect your friends to keep you updated. DIY - DO IT YOURSELF!
Twitter: (Pauline Wong.)