Killarney - Student Bulletin

Killarney Student Bulletin

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

R Moro - Principal (Gr. ELL Int)
D Hughes - VP (Gr. Gr. 12 LAC )
I Sheikh - VP (Gr. Gr. 10 11 LSP)
M Vulgaris - VP (Gr. Gr. 8 9 CP)
Grade 10 - Tracy Romano
Grade 11 - Raymond Moy
Grade 12 - Eliner Maxwell-Smith
Grade 8 - Stephanie Wong
Grade 9 - Oscar Goncalves
Grade ESL & International - Joanne Sharples

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Homeroom Class List.
have been posted on the display board outside the main office. Students, please check to make sure you know your Homeroom. Due to the many HR changes in the last term you need to make sure you know your HR and where to go to pick up your report (Thursday) and yearbook (Tuesday). (killarney office.)
ALWAYS go to our social media sites for various information. Don't expect your friends to keep you updated. DIY - DO IT YOURSELF!
Twitter: (Pauline Wong.)