Killarney - Student Bulletin
Cafeteria Menu
Mon Entree: chicken strips w/curley fries and salad
Soup: Pho
Tues Entree: Breaded Chicken w/mashed potatoes, gravy & veg
Soup: Minestrone
Wed Entree: Grilled Corned Beef on Rye Chilidogs w/mexi fries & salad
Soup: Miso Ramen
ThursEntree: Spaghetti w/meat sauce & garlic bread
Soup: Corn Chowder
Fri Entree: Quesadillas w/wedges & salad
Soup: Turkey Rice
Staff: Blueberry Scones Pineapple muffins

Killarney Student Bulletin

Friday, March 24, 2017

R Moro - Principal (Gr. ELL Int)
D Hughes - VP (Gr. Gr. 12 LAC )
M Vulgaris - VP (Gr. Gr. 8 9 CP)
T Legg - VP (Gr. Gr. 10 11 LSP)
Grade 10 - Tracy Romano
Grade 11 - Raymond Moy
Grade 12 - Eliner Maxwell-Smith
Grade 8 - Stephanie Wong
Grade 9 - Oscar Goncalves
Grade ESL & International - Rod Tanabe (M,W,F)

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Gr. 12 Students - The Nadine Marshall Scholarship ($1,000)
This scholarship (the Kindness Foundation of Canada) recognizes an exceptional graduating student who is inspired by the vision of a kinder world and is committed to making a difference. The info is posted on the Grad Board. Applications must be post marked on or before April 10, 2017. The application form is available outside Mrs. Max's door (eliner Maxwell-Smith.)
Gr. 12 Students - Veazey Scholarship
This is a 4-yr scholarship to attend UBC, $10,000 per year(2 available). Killarney can submit 2 nominees. If you are interested, completed applications must be given to Mrs. Maxwell-Smith by April 13, 2017. Info and application forms are available at (eliner Maxwell-Smith.)
Who: All Grades 8-12
When: 320pm-430pm Tuesday March 28, Wed March 29
Where: lower field behind KCC
Please be ready to go with cleats on at 315pm for warmup. (Mimi Mahovlich.)
ALWAYS go to our social media sites for various information. Don't expect your friends to keep you updated. DIY - DO IT YOURSELF!
Twitter: (Pauline Wong.)