Mini School

 Welcome to the Killarney Mini School page!

 The Killarney Mini School offers an enriched academic program for students in Grades 8-10. The program covers the same curriculum as regular courses with additional activities throughout the year to broaden the topics covered in each class.

The goal of the Mini School is to provide an enriched and academically challenging program to support students in achieving their full potential. Activities will be learner centred, incorporating ethics, social justice and citizenship into academic studies. Students will have opportunities to integrate learning across the curriculum and focus on in-depth enrichment.

Check out our webpage for detailed information about our Minischool:
Killarney Mini Webpage


Applying for Killarney Minischool:

Killarney Mini School Brochure - 2015-2016

Killarney Mini School Application 2015-2016

  • Application forms are no longer available as online fill-in.  
  • You may print out a copy, fill it out and bring it into the office or pick up a copy from our office.



The Killarney Honours Math program:

We want our students to have the opportunity to choose courses that suit their abilities and goals.  There are no Mini School Math courses, but instead students are either enrolled in Mathematics 8 or they can apply for the accelerated honours math program. 

Information on Killarney's Honours Math Courses   

Killarney Mini School and the honours math courses pair well together and are scheduled such that a student can be in both at the same time. 

Go here: to learn more.