Killarney Student Bulletin
Thursday, April 19, 2018
Cafeteria Menu
Mon Entree: Pizza sub w/ tater tots or Chicken Burger
TuesEntree: Chicken Strips & Fries w/ Salad or Beef Burger
WedEntree: Salisbury Steak w/ Roasted Potatoes & Veggies or Chicken Burger
ThursEntree: Sweet Chili Chicken on Rice w/ veggies or Beef Burger
FriEntree: Beefaroni w/ salad or Chicken Burger
R MoroGr. ELL Int - Principal
D HughesGr. 8 LAC LSP - VP
T MyringGr. 11 12 - VP
K ThomsonGr. 9 10 CP - VP

Grade 10 Oscar Goncalves
Grade 11 Tracy Romano
Grade 12 Raymond Moy
Grade 8 Eliner Maxwell-Smith
Grade 9 Stephanie Glynianyi
Grade ESL & International Joanne Sharples
Coast Capital Savings Youth Get It Education Awards - for grads
Information and application forms are available through the school's website ( > Students > Grads > scroll down to scholarships). Completed applications need to be printed and given to Mr. Moy by noon of April 20. (Raymond Moy)
"Did you know that cow's release 9.5% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, while cars only release 8.5%." (Laiba Khan) (Pauline Wong)
Killarney Homework Club
Tuesdays after school in D110
Tutors to help with any subject
Free, and we also provide free snacks! (Pauline Wong)
Grade 9 boys volleyball.
Please excuse the following students for a volleyball game on April 19, 2018 at 2:10PM.
Akash B, John B, Charles C, Marcus H, Mars L, Benoit L, Dylan L, Everett N, Riky P, Mo R, Dian Y, Stephanie T, Taylor T, James J, Jojo P (Jacky Koo)
Grade 8 boys volleyball...
Please excuse the following students for a volleyball game on April 19, 2018, at 2:10PM.
Evan F,Johnson N,Jason C, Rylee L, Dac H, Sean M, Miles G,Fernando V, Victor D, Jakob N, Samual D, Jovan C, Leah W, Samantha J, Leanne W, Kiel G (Jacky Koo)
Debate Club
The Debate Club will meet next Monday April 23 (due to the Pro D on Friday) at lunch in B211. We will be debating the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. New Members are welcome. (Jennifer Stevenson)