Killarney Student Bulletin
Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Cafeteria Menu
Mon Entree: Beef Taco w/ fries or Pizza w/ fries
Soup: Wicked Thai Soup
Staff: Assorted Baked Goods
TuesEntree: Sweet Chili Pork with rice & veggies
Soup: Cream of Mushroom Soup
Staff: Assorted Baked Goods
WedEntree: Chicken Strips w/ fries or Pizza
Soup: Cream of Broccoli Soup
Staff: Assorted Baked Goods
ThursEntree: Burgers or Sandwiches or Wraps
Soup: LAST DAY OF SERVICE Cream of Vegetable
Staff: Assorted Baked Goods
R MoroGr. ELL Int - Principal
D HughesGr. 8 LAC LSP - VP
T MyringGr. 11 12 - VP
K ThomsonGr. 9 10 CP - VP

Grade 10 Oscar Goncalves
Grade 11 Tracy Romano
Grade 12 Raymond Moy
Grade 8 Eliner Maxwell-Smith
Grade 9 Stephanie Glynianyi
Grade ESL & International Joanne Sharples
A reminder that ELL students who are attending the fieldtrip this Wednesday that we will be meeting at 8:15am on Killarney Street near main office. We will leave promptly at 8:30am. Dress for a hot day in the sun, bring water bottles, bus fare and lunch if necessary. (Emy Nakamura)
There will be an awards assembly for all ELL students (Level 1 to Transitional) this Thursday @ 1:15pm in the auditorium. All ELL classes and ELL students are invited. (Emy Nakamura)
PSI Selections for Grade 12 Students
You can still make PSI selections on Student Transcripts Service ( Deadline to do so is July 13. The purpose of PSI selections is for you to request the province to send your marks info to the post-secondary institutions you choose. (Raymond Moy)
YEARBOOKS! Please read:
Attention to all students who have purchased a yearbook. Please note that the distribution schedule and location for the Yeabook pick up has changed as we will no longer to doing a homeroom class on Thursday, June 28.

GRADE 12's - you will now be picking up your yearbook on Monday, June 25 after the English Provincial from 12:00 to 2:00 pm in the Breezeway in D-wing.

GRADE 8-11's - will now be picking up yearbooks on Thursday, June 28 from 9:00 am - noon from the Breezeway in D-wing.

Where is the breezeway? It is located at the end of D-wing - you can also access it from the school parking lot. D121 (Woodshop), D123 (Autoshop) and D124 (Graphics) are located in this area.

(Pauline Wong)
Reminder to all students that all books must be returned to your teachers by June 21st 3pm. (killarney office)
Library open for QUIET STUDY ONLY next week
Students are welcome to come to the library next week to STUDY or READ ONLY. If you want to visit with friends, go to the Cafe or outside. You will be asked to leave if you are taking loud or just on your phone. Thanks for your cooperation creating a quiet, study environment. (Denise North)
LIBRARY BOOKS - please return ASAP.
Please return your library books*, and/or pay for lost/damaged books by June 22 or students will receive a BILL for the book attached to their report card. Overdues are e-mailed out weekly & Block 1-1 teachers will hand overdue invoices to you. *Exception: English class Lit.Circle books are not due until June 20th (Denise North)
Numeracy Assessment Information
All grade 10's and 11's will write the Numeracy Assessment this year. This is required for graduation. Numeracy Assessment sessions are on June 25, 26 and 27th. Check the bulletin board outside the main office for information about when and where you will write the assessment. Students have been assigned alphabetically. No changes are possible.

(Katrina Thomson)
Grad Ceremony Tickets....
Reminder that tickets will be available to purchase till Thursday, June 21 in Room A208 during the lunch hours only.
Grade 12s just a reminder that you purchase tickets you must have cleared all your debts and completed your Grad Transition. (killarney office)
Dates to note for Students.....

19 English Student Book Awards Party @ 2:45 pm - Caf
21 Last day to clear all your debts in order to receive your yearbook.
22 Last Day of classes and Cafeteria Services
22 Early Dismissal for students at 11:35 am
25 Grad Gowns to be returned 8-8:30 am - Caf
25 English Provincial Exam 9 am
25 Yearbook Pick up for Gr. 12 12 - 2 pm - D Wing Breezeway
25 Lockers must be emptied by 3 pm
25 to 27 Numeracy Exams for Grade 10 & 11 students
26 Prom at The Pan Pacific 6:15 pm
27 Grad Gowns to be returned 8-8:30 am - Caf
27 Communications 12 Provincial 9 am
28 Term 3 report card available from Myed
28 Homeroom class - Cancelled
28 Yearbook Pick up for Gr. 8 - 11 in D Wing Breezeway 9 am to 12 pm - D Wing Breezeway
28 Killarnival 12 - 2 pm
28 Fee Collection & yearbook pick up for students with debts as of 3pm June 21st (killarney office)
Clubhouse Kids is looking for a couple of students to join our summer day camp team. We run a day camp for children between ages 5-12 throughout the entire summer and so if you think you’re up for it, we want to hear from you. For specific details, visit us at Positions remain open until filled.

(Pauline Wong)
Killarney Homework Club
Tuesdays after school in D110. Tutors to help with any subject. Free, and we also provide free snacks! (Pauline Wong)
Uniform, Fees and Awards
The following students need to see Mr Jones ASAP.
Brian Leung, Elton Lai, Reabcca Malek, Angie Zhou, Megan Hai, Aliyah Bear, Bryanna Hamilton, Michelle Chan, Mollie Rice, Rachel Wong, Sheila Mamotos and Zulyma Prado. (Paul Jones)
Track and Field
Members of the track and field team are reminded to return singlets and spikes to room A234 at lunch today. (Robert Solmes)